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Month: October 2022

What types of things lead to divorce?

Divorce happens for a lot of different reasons, and every situation is going to be unique. However, you may find yourself wondering exactly what red flags you should look for or what warning signs exist. This means that you need to know why divorce tends to happen....

3 fundamental areas to cover in your estate plan

You might know you should make an estate plan, but that does not mean you will. Many people never get around to it. In part because they do not know where to start. Here are the three main areas to think about: What happens if you get seriously ill? You need to have...

How can you co-parent with a Disneyland parent?

A Disneyland parent refers to someone who wants only to do the fun bits of parenting. It typically happens after the parents separate. If your ex tends toward this parenting style, it could soon become tiring if they leave all the other parenting duties to you.  You...