Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
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Design And Implement A Customized Corporate Governance Structure

Clients of Doyle Quane look with confidence to our business and corporate law attorneys for clear and efficient guidance regarding a full range of corporate governance matters. We assist in all facets of ongoing corporate maintenance and support.

At Doyle Quane, our corporate clients specifically count on our help to:

  • Select the most appropriate corporate structure from the beginning
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements for incorporation
  • Elect directors and appoint officers as the law requires
  • Provide maximum protection for directors and officers operating in their official capacities
  • Be ready for any state or federal audit at any time
  • Prevent litigation down the road due to omissions and errors

Why Seek Legal Counsel

Beware of attempting to set up your own corporation with the use of do-it-yourself forms online. There are no safe or acceptable shortcuts when it comes to establishing a corporation lawfully, tailored to the specifics of your organization. Incorporation must take into account all unique factors of a new venture, in light of state and federal laws and regulations for corporations. An attorney by your side can guide you through all necessary and proper processes, such as holding organizational and annual meetings, properly approving material corporate actions, and maintaining a corporate governance structure that is compliant with ongoing changes in the law.

Contact Us For Corporate Governance Guidance

Effective, lawful corporate governance happens by design, not by chance. Our experienced business and corporate law attorneys are here to help you implement the appropriate governing practices for your corporation’s specific circumstances. Doyle Quane is here to show you the way, from the beginning through successful operations and eventual fulfillment of succession plans. Call 925-317-1028 or complete a simple inquiry form to request a consultation.