Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
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Comprehensive Solutions For Estates, Trusts And Probate

If you own a home, a savings account or even just a baseball card collection, you have an estate. The administration of your estate after death will be proscribed by the California legislature in a lengthy, expensive process unless you opt-out to create a personalized estate plan that follows your goals. No matter the monetary value of these belongings, they are worth protecting – as are your personal wishes. Our many trusts and estates services at Doyle Quane share the same goal: to ensure that you and the ones you love get the care you need. Whether that means specifying medical preferences or facilitating a thoughtful disposition of your assets upon your death or incapacity, our trusts and estates attorneys are ready to help.

Expect Personalized Estate Planning And Administration

You can depend on us for thorough counsel for estate and probate law issues, including:

  • Estate planning services: Everyone in California with assets in excess of $150,000 (as adjusted each year for inflation) needs a customized estate plan. An estate plan designed for you will save your family substantial time and money and provides privacy at a time when your family needs it most.
  • Probate and estate administration: If your loved one dies without an estate plan in place, their estate will need to be administered through the California probate court. Our experienced lawyers assist you through this process.
  • Trust administration: As trustee or beneficiary of a trust, it is important that you understand the complex rules regarding the care, use and transactions of a trust’s assets. You can rely on us to help you fulfill fiduciary duties or ensure your rights as a beneficiary are protected.
  • Trust and estate litigation: Disputes involving property, guardianship and other issues are often complex and fraught with interpersonal politics. We can help you resolve a will contest or another type of estate dispute.

Doyle Quane’s diversely experienced attorneys and staff provide us the insight necessary to navigate your most complex planning matters. Our tax expertise allows us to craft thoughtful solutions designed to protect your estate from excessive taxation, and our business law acumen means that we can assist with business succession planning as part of your estate planning or trust administration process.

Always Here To Guide You

From creating a comprehensive estate plan to managing assets in the administration of a trust or estate, you can trust our professionalism at Doyle Quane. is certified in estate law, and our lawyers bring decades of experience to these cases. Call 925-317-1028 or send an email to schedule a consultation.