Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
Photo of Professionals at Doyle Quane
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Protect Assets And Interests In Trust Or Estate Litigation

Executors of an estate and trustees of a trust are tasked with a great deal of responsibility. While the vast majority of people in these positions endeavor to complete their tasks in a judicious manner, estate and trust administration disputes may give rise to trust litigation.

Common examples of litigation in these areas include the following:

  • A will contest: Someone alleges that the will was created or modified through undue influence by someone else, was not valid, was not properly signed or was written when the decedent was not competent to know what they were agreeing to.
  • Trust administration litigation: An intended beneficiary alleges that the trustee has breached their fiduciary duty or otherwise acted unethically or improperly.
  • Probate litigation: A creditor or someone who believes they should be included or inheriting a greater percentage of an estate brings a legal challenge against an executor or against the estate itself.

Doyle Quane has a proven track record in successfully handling these common disputes. Our skilled trial attorneys  have protected the rights of beneficiaries, trustees and executors and can handle trust and estate litigation beginning at any stage of the administration process.

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