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Month: September 2022

Should you delay your divorce?

If you’ve decided to divorce after a landmark event, such as finding your spouse cheating on you, you may want to get free of them as soon as possible.  That is understandable, yet before you go barreling ahead, consider why it might pay to slow down. Rushing can lead...

3 ways to fund a living trust

If you are considering creating a living trust, then you also need to understand how to move your assets into it. The technical term is funding the trust. There are three principal options available to cover the different types of assets you might have. You can make...

3 ways spouses hide assets

When splitting property in a divorce, some people can become sneaky. They no longer care about preserving trust with the person they are divorcing and look for ways to hide assets from them. Here are some of the ways people do this: They transfer assets to friends or...

How to tell your kids you are divorcing

What you tell your children about your upcoming divorce will depend largely on how old they are. If you have grown up and left home, they can probably cope with a bit more reality than if they are in kindergarten. Regardless of that, there are a few rules that apply...

4 roles you need to fill in your estate plan

The primary thing you might think of when you mention estate planning is the transfer of assets. Yet that is only part of it. Another crucial object of estate planning is to put a team of people in place in case several situations occur. Here are four crucial roles to...