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What types of things lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce happens for a lot of different reasons, and every situation is going to be unique. However, you may find yourself wondering exactly what red flags you should look for or what warning signs exist. This means that you need to know why divorce tends to happen.

After all, planning ahead for a divorce can be very beneficial. It allows you to consider what you’d want to get out of the divorce, gather your documents and other financial records and take any other steps that set you up for a successful future. So what types of things may cause you to get divorced?

Financial stress

One of the main reasons that people get divorced is when they run into financial stress. For instance, this can happen when one person has an addiction that is very expensive and it means that the couple is unable to pay their bills. It can also happen when couples view money differently and disagree on how to spend or save. 

Sickness and disease

There is some evidence that divorce odds do increase when someone comes down with a long-term illness or disease. Interestingly, this is more common in heterosexual marriages where the wife gets sick, rather than when the husband does. Marriage vows may mention “in sickness and in health” but sickness actually proves too much for many couples. 


As you’ve probably guessed, there are also many divorce cases that start when someone is unfaithful in the marriage. This sometimes happens around the so-called “seven-year itch.” But it can happen at any age and to any couple, and it can make for a complicated divorce.

If you and your spouse do decide to get divorced and it does get complex, be sure you understand all of your legal options.